Industrial X-ray CT scanning services TESCO offers X-ray CT scanning services. It is used for nondestructive evaluation of various materials. Industrial X-ray CT scanning helps visualize hidden features and defects, validate structural integrity.

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check the internal structure after assembled parts

take the assembled data for reproduction in future

determine whether a part has any critical defects, porosity(voids) and wear without disassembly

meet customer's demands of internal/bonding state report

We can provide several other services as per customers demands,
not only CT scanning but also DR.
And we can provide volume data and STL data etc.
Please ask us.

You can have more sensitive scan data brought by our various energies 450kV, 300kV and 225kV with LDAs (Line Detector Arrays) and FPD (Flat Panel Detector).
Our engineer staffs who perform the CT scanning are all expertised in CT scanning technology (inner scanning).
once a scan is complete, we can also provide a post-scan engineering and measurement services as optional service if you want. For example, reverse engineering, 3D metrology etc.

Industrial X-ray CT Scanning


We utilizes a number of systems of various sizes and energies, 450kV/300kV/225kV. This allows us to match every inspection project based on the customer's intentions and requires with the proper industrial CT scanning system. After scan data is reconstructed, we provide the volume data which is able to see all of cross section (X-Y-Z) by viewer software. We can also provide the STL data, if you want.

3D model / Cross section view

Available industrial X-ray CT scanning equipment:

450KV 225KV
Equipment 450kV Minifocus 300kV Microfocus 225kV Microfocus
X-ray tube
Max voltage, Max rating / Focal spot
450kV, 1500W / 1, 0.4mm 300kV, 300W / 6μm 225kV, 225W / 4μm
Detector Line Detector Arrays Flat Panel Detector
Max sample size and weight φ600mm x H700mm φ500mm x H600mm φ250mm x H250mm
50kg 20kg 10kg
Data format TIF、STL、VGL


Image Model Engine X-Ray CT Scanning by 225kV microfocus and void analysis. (1)
Image Model Engine X-Ray CT Scanning by 225kV microfocus and void analysis. (2)
Image Cylinder block X-Ray CT Scanning by 450kV mini-focus. (1)
Image ylinder block X-Ray CT Scanning by 450kV mini-focus. (2)



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